Kastamonu to Have Mining Technologies Department

News Source: https://www.haberler.com

Date of Issue: 15.06.2017

Subject: “Mining Technologies Department Will be Opened in Kastamonu”

A mining technologies department will be opened in Hanonu Multi-Curriculum Anatolian High School in Kastamonu.

A protocol, in respect of opening a Mining Technologies department in Hanonu Multi-Curriculum Anatolian High School, was signed between a private mining company operating in the district and the District Directorate of National Education.

Serkan Demirkiran, District Director of National Education, noted in his statement made to a correspondent of Anatolian Agency following the protocol, that the Ministry initiated activities intended for opening the mining technologies department, which was added to the scope of curricula to be implemented in schools under Directorate of Vocational and Technical Training for the first time in 2017, in Hanonu.

Demirkiran, having stated that they planned to open the department by the next school year, also told “Mining Technologies department will be opened in Turkey at high school level for the first time in our district. Our graduates will undergo their internships and skill trainings in establishments owned by mining companies operating within the district. Employment opportunities will be available for the graduates.”

Zeki Sayilir, manager of the mining company, reminded that the construction works of the plant within the district was in progress, and noted that they aimed to commence operations within the following year.

Sayilir stated that the copper mine plant would provide employment opportunities for 650 people and told “The plant will yield an annual revenue of USD 2.5 billion for our country.”

Sayilir, referring to the importance of the protocol, stated “We are preparing the infrastructure of the district thanks to the protocol. We aim to see high school youth as qualified personnel and employ them in our establishment. We focused our activities on employing local qualified mining technicians and mining engineers in our mining companies in 4 to 5 years.”

Serkan Ucar, the Mayor of Hanonu, also attended the signing ceremony.

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