Human Resources

Our Human Resources Policy

  • Work by contributing value to human with the awareness that the core value is human,
  • Develop a happy and dedicated human resource who creates an added value,
  • Promote transparent communication in parallel to open-hearted and honest relations,
  • Support our innovative employees coming up with solutions,
  • Make a difference by our fast, result-oriented and flexible approach,
  • Stimulate employees who constantly develop themselves to attain our goals and develop a sustainable work environment, and
  • Protect environment and natural resources by an environmentally sensitive approach and disseminate this awareness to all employees.

Overview / Employment Policy

The employment policy of Acacia Mining Operations Inc. is always fulfilled with the priority attached to the development of any community where it exists. For the employment of staff members, a recruitment process that assesses employment resources available in the mining area and neighboring settlements is used. After the qualifications of needed staff members are accordingly determined in a clear and transparent way, the priority is given to the mining area and neighboring settlements and then the applications of candidates from other nearby settlements are assessed. If no eligible candidate can be found, the candidates across the district, the province and neighboring provinces and Turkey are assessed.

Our Impact Area

Trainings and Development

First, the employees at Acacia Mining Operations Inc. are subjected to a detailed training program encompassing occupational safety before starting work. The scope of training program includes technical and social subjects which employees should basically know for the provision of a safe working environment and safe working conditions. It is strictly forbidden for a person who has failed to have these key sets of training to start work.

The occupational and personal development needs of employees are set by the cooperation between their own functions and Human Resources. After training needs are set, specific instructors are outsourced for any training programs appropriate for provision in-house or employees are delivered to training institutions in case of training programs open to general accession.

Recruitment Processes

First, the candidates available in the corporation’s CV bank are screened in line with the Corporate Employment Policy with the intent to meet the manpower requirement advised to the Human Resources Function. If no eligible candidates can be found, necessary job notices are posted at ISKUR (Turkish Employment Organization) and on contracted job search sites. Any candidates considered to be eligible for the related position after the assessment of applications are included in the job interview process. During this process, interviews are conducted by a committee of officers from human resources and authorized persons from the related departments. While the human resources assess the candidate’s behavioral competencies and ability of adaptation to corporate culture, the technical function assess the technical competency possessed by the candidate.

At the end of the process, the committee completes the assessment of all candidates interviewed, while the Human Resources Function offers the eligible candidate a job and monitors the remaining steps of recruitment process.

Performance Management

The corporate goals for the next year are set in December of every year and these goals are communicated to staff members. In parallel to corporate goals, white-collar staff members set their personal goals.

Fringe Benefits

Apart from standardized benefits such as wage, transportation and food allowances, our staff members are offered a Private Health Insurance, whose full premium is covered by our Corporation, and collateral assurance facilities. In addition, a cellular phone line and a corporate vehicle are allocated with given limits depending on the features of the position assumed.


Our employees who achieves improvement and propose suggestions for any activities carried out at our corporation are awarded, and employees are offered a range of rewards by holding several competitions during the year.

Job Opportunities

Please click here to apply for a job via

Please click here to apply for a job via our website.

Ethical Values Policy

The criteria of competency, righteousness, responsibility, honesty, privacy and objectivity are considered for the recruitment process and all subsequent processes applicable to staff members of Acacia Mining Operations Inc.

Nomination and recruitment steps are implemented for each candidate on an equal basis during recruitment processes at Acacia Mining Operations Inc.

In the recruitment process, candidates are not asked any questions on their political views, religious beliefs, ethnicities, private life, etc. and these factors are not considered during assessments.

These principles are fulfilled with the same rigor for all Human Resources processes (performance assessment, assignment, promotion, etc.) across our corporation.

Acacia Mining Operations Inc. has regulated the principles, which should be followed by its staff members, in writing by the Code of Ethics Procedure. Any sanctions to be imposed on staff members acting against these principles are also defined by the same procedure which has already been explained to all staff members.

In addition, staff members cannot offer or promise to offer, either directly or indirectly, anything of value to the addressee companies and their affiliates or any other third party so that they act to achieve a commercial benefit or advantage.