Our Public Relations Policy

The priority of Acacia Mining is creating a positive value through environmental, social and economic interactions in any areas of operation.

For ensuring that all business processes are fulfilled in a consistent, fair, transparent and participatory manner in accordance with the sense of “Sensitive and Responsible Mining”, our Policy is to;

• Establish a transparent and continuous communication with our stakeholders,
• Protect natural-cultural-social environment and values,
• Create and promote new opportunities for local sustainable development,
• Create living standards and a permanent value on such standards,
• Establish relations with our stakeholders built on trust and inform them properly,
• Promote and enhance local employment, local manpower and local supply capacity,
• Ensure the protection of environmental, cultural and social values,
• Create new workspaces for local people,
• Promote the enhancement of regional living standards and the improvement of social life,
• Provide a reliable social environment during mining activities,
• Plan / coordinate sustainable social responsibility projects (particularly in connection with education, development and infrastructure)
• Respect employees and local people and protect their rights, and
• Contribute to environmental, economic and social development in settlements within the project impact area.